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 Trimmer Capacitors

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Knowles is the world leader in precision multi-turn trimmers, offering the widest range of products and constantly adding new designs.  Our precision trimmers offer the benefit of a linear, not rotating, tuning mechanism with fixed min and max end stops.  We have air, glass, and PTFE filled designs and can provide what you need for range, accuracy and voltage capability.

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Our J-series is easy to set and offers the lowest capacitance drift and temperature coefficient of any surface mount half turn trimmer and is the popular selection for many tuning applications.  It is now available with an increased voltage rating of 500V, doubling the prior performance.

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We offer a variety of non-magnetic products serving the special needs of the MRI and NMR industries, including precision and half turn trimmers, Hi-Q, HV and leaded capacitors, coils, baluns, diodes and hardware.

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