Ultra Low ESR Capacitors

The Ultra-low ESR range offers a very stable, High Q material system that provides excellent, low loss performance in systems below 3GHz. Available with various termination options including FlexiCap™, this range of high frequency capacitors is suitable for many applications where economical, high performance is required.

A family datasheet which includes performance curves is available for download. In addition, S-parameter downloads are available via the links below.

Full AWR Corp.MWO, Keysight ADS and Keysight Genesis models and S parameters together with more data for the 0603 range are also available from the Knowles-Syfer MVP page on the Modelithics website.

Please visit the Knowles-Syfer MVP page for more information by clicking on the image below:


S-parameter Downloads - 0603 Case Size
0.5pF 0.6pF 0.7pF 0.8pF 0.9pF 1.0pF 1.1pF 1.2pF 1.3pF
1.5pF 1.6pF 1.8pF 2.0pF 2.2pF 2.4pF 2.7pF 3.0pF 3.3pF
3.6pF 3.9pF 4.3pF 4.7pF 5.1pF 5.6pF 6.2pF 6.8pF 7.5pF
8.2pF 9.1pF 10pF 11pF 12pF 13pF 15pF 16pF 18pF
20pF 22pF 24pF 27pF 30pF 33pF 36pF 39pF 43pF
47pF 51pF 56pF 62pF 68pF 75pF 82pF 91pF 100pF
Ultra Low ESR Capacitorss
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